HEPAtech 25 Air Purification System
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HEPAtech 25 Air Purification System

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Battle Creek HEPAtech 25 Air Purification System

Multi-stage air purification system. CADR rated to clean a medium sized room of 10' x 12' and change the air six times per hour with 100 CFM. Micro-filter removes particles as small as .1 microns including smoke, dust, pollen and virtually all airborn allergens. Quiet, powerful airflow. Easy to use controls with 3-speed fan and power light indicator. Portable design is easy to move from room to room, for desktop or table top use. Separate ionizer switch. Filter change indicator alerts user when to chto change filter. Drop in filter pack results in easy filter changing without moving the unit. 5-year warranty on motor, 1-year parts and labor.

Perfect for a desktop or bedroom. 100 CFM, cycles air six times per hour in a 10'x11' room. 4 ˝”x 7”x 15”

CADR: (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

  • Smoke    72
  • Dust       62
  • Pollen     65

Battle Creek HEPAtech 25 Air Purification System - Highlights:

  • HEPAtech™ Performance - Multi-stage air purification system quietly outperforms competitive models
  • Sub-Micron Filter Material - Hunter's drop-in micro filter is the same material used in hospital respirators, incubators and anesthetic equipment. Removes 99.97% of all particles as small as .1 microns, including: smoke, dust, pollen and virtually all airborne allergens.
  • Hunter®'s Famous Whisper-Quiet™ Fan Motor – Delivers maximum performance without the noise associate with other systems.
  • Easy to Use Controls - With 3 speed fan and power indicator light.
  • High Performance Ionizer - On separate switch for user control to maximize cleaning and freshening action.
  • CADR Rated – Each unit is independently tested to determine the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and the size room for which it is best suited.

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