Invacare Reliant Powered Patient Lift (Low Base) 3
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Invacare Reliant Powered Patient Lift (Low Base) 3" casters

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Invacare Reliant Powered Patient Lift (Low Base) 3" casters

INVACARE RELIANT PLUS LIFTS The Invacare line of Reliant Plus lifts was conceived to prevent caregiver back injury and to ensure dignity in patient handling. These high-quality lifts are comfortable, reliable and an integral tool for staff and caregivers. Using the lift for patient handling reduces staff injuries, saving you money and reinforcing safety as a priority in your healthcare facility.

Reliant Plus lifts support up to 450 pounds, making potentially challenging transfers smooth for resident and caregiver. The new higher lift range allows easy access to beds, chairs, toilets, floors, and tubs (with at least 4.5in clearance). The sturdy and practical design of Reliant Plus lifts provides the solution you need for success in your quest to provide safe and effective health care.

Invacare Reliant Powered Patient Lift (Low Base) 3" casters - Highlights:

  • Electronic system includes two 24-volt batteries: one for lift, one for battery-charging station;
  • A manual emergency lowering device, and anti-entrapment if boom meets any resistance while lowering.
  • Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces.
  • Removable battery pack eliminates downtime and simplifies the charging process.
  • Safety-tested for highest quality standards.
  • Base legs adjust easily and lock securely into open position with the padded shifter handle.
  • Total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts for added safety.
  • Manual lowering for instant response to power loss
  • Padded swivel bar with 360 degrees rotation and six-point hookup allows use of Invacare chain-free slings as well as older-style slings with chains or straps.
  • Covered base provides protection against wear, dirtand moisture.
  • Warranty includes three years on lift, one year on electrical components.

Invacare Reliant Powered Patient Lift (Low Base) 3" casters - Technical Specifications:

  1. Base Length ::

  2. Base Width ::
    Open: 41" Closed: 26.5"

  3. Power ::
    One charger output 24-volt DC 
    Two removable 24-volt battery packs

  4. Lift per Charge ::
    Audible 'Low Battery Alarm' 
    Lifts per charge: 150 - 300* (*Varies w/ lift range & load)

  5. Caster Options ::
    Front: 3" Rear: 5"

  6. Overall Height ::
    Max @ sling hookup: 74" 
    Min @ sling hookup: 24" 
    Base height: 4.5" (clearance)

  7. Product Weight ::
    106 lb

  8. Product Weight Capacity ::
    450 lb

  9. Warranty ::
    three years on lift, one year on electrical components

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