Vios Aerosol Delivery Nebulizer System
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Vios Aerosol Delivery Nebulizer System

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Vios Aerosol Delivery Nebulizer System

The Vios Aerosol Delivery System is designed from PARI’s long legacy of clinically proven products and consists of two important components: a Vios™ compressor and a PARI nebulizer. Vios™ was inspired by the Latin and Greek words for “Life”. Our goal is to improve quality of “Life” and patient lifestyle through efficient aerosol delivery. The Vios™ delivers consistent particle size and fast treatments resulting in targeted delivery to the lungs.

Understanding Your Compressor & Nebulizer

The Vios™ Compressor creates an airflow which travels to your nebulizer through tubing. The Nebulizer is your actual medicine cup. This is what turns your medication into a mist or aerosol.

Remember! Replace Your Reusable Nebulizer Cup Every Six Months!

Advantages of Replacing Your Nebulizer Cup:

  • Consistent medication delivery to the lungs
  • Fast and efficient treatments
  • Bacterial contamination can be reduced*

Vios Aerosol Delivery Nebulizer System - Technical Specifications:

  1. Maximum Pressure of Compressor ::
    34 PSI (2.3 bar)

  2. Maximum Liter Flow of Compressor ::
    8.5 LPM

  3. Nominal Operating Pressure1 ::
    18 PSI (1.2 bar)

  4. Nominal Air Flow1::
    4.5 LPM

  5. Weight ::
    3 lbs (1300 gms)

  6. Dimensions (Length, Width, Height)::
    6.5 x 6.5 x 3.75 in

  7. Warranty ::
    5 years, 6 years user activated

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