Medi-Vac 1200cc Suction Canister
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Medi-Vac 1200cc Suction Canister

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Medi-Vac 1200cc Suction Canister

The Guardian suction system features disposable hard, clear plastic containers with attached lids. Special brackets and stands are available for convenient mounting configurations and mobility. An automatic shutoff valve is located inside the lid to help prevent cross contamination of regulators and wall vacuum outlets. 90° adapters allow tubing to connect at right angles to help prevent kinking and impeded fluid flow. The locking lid encourages the proper disposal of infectious liquid medical waste and enhances worker safety. Lid includes accessory and orthopedic ports.

Disposable, hard plastic canister system for collecting and retaining aspirated materials. Contents: ITHAT® filter, shutoff valve; soft, pliable lid: float-valve assembly; splash shield and pour spout. 1200cc Cannister.

Medi-Vac 1200cc Suction Canister - Highlights:

  • ITHAT® filter
  • shutoff valve
  • soft, pliable lid
  • float-valve assembly
  • splash shield and pour spout
  • 1200cc Cannister

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