Transport Patient Lift Sling for Reliant 350 & 440
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Transport Patient Lift Sling for Reliant 350 & 440

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Transport Patient Lift Sling for Reliant 350 & 440

The R134 standing sling is for transferring residents with minimal weight-bearing capacity, who have head and neck control, are cooperative, can sit up on the edge of the bed (with or without assistance), and are able to bend at the hips, knees and ankles. Use the R134 standing sling for transferring resident from bed to chair, or chair to commode, chair to car or general in-room transport.

The divided leg sling is a secure, easy-to-fit general purpose sling, designed for the majority of sling users. Use the divided leg sling for residents who are totally dependent, partially-dependent, non-weight bearing, very heavy or with those who have limited head control. Use this sling for transferring the resident from the bed to a wheel chair, recliner or shower-chair or from the floor to a bed. The large opening also accommodates toileting. This versatile sling provides full head and neck support and can easily be removed or applied to a resident in a seated or supine position. The solid fabric has extra padding for residents with delicate skin. The solid polyester slings should not be left under the resident for extended periods, the padding retains body heat. Residents may be seated on “pressure-reduction” cushions, the efficacy of those cushions is diminished when solid padded slings are left under the resident.

Invacare Heavy duty slings come in a wide array of styles to meet a variety of client needs. And, the new, improved overall design makes them all easier than ever to position. Invacare Reliant slings feature a unique, fully padded fabric that forms a soft yet supportive surface. The soft-brushed lining helps prevent sliding for ultimate comfort and skin protection. And the new stretch-resistant feature means the slings will hold their shape, for superior support and ease of positioning. For clients and caregivers alike, Invacare slings are designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Transport Patient Lift Sling for Reliant 350 & 440 - Technical Specifications:

  1. Style ::

  2. Material ::

  3. Color ::
    Binding: m/a

  4. Dimensions ::
    34"W x 42"L

  5. Product Weight Capacity ::
    440 lbs.

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