Single Lumen Pneumatic Conserver
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Single Lumen Pneumatic Conserver

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Single Lumen Pneumatic Conserver

Introducing our new single lumen pneumatic conserver, the Inovo AccuPulse.

This lightweight and compact unit features the most conserving and continuous settings in the industry. Its single lumen pulsing operation makes it the quietest and most accurate conserver on the market with a conserving ratio of 5:1.

In addition, the AccuPulse features brass in all high pressure zones, recommended by the FDA.

Single Lumen Pneumatic Conserver - Highlights:

  • Inlet Materials
    • All Brass in high pressure zones
    • Advantage: Safer, and meets the recommended safety requirements for regulators
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 4.8", W: 2.4"
    • Height: 1.5" Wght: 16 oz
    • Advantage: Small size and light weight makes unit less obtrusive and more portable
  • Conserving Flows
    • 6 ( 1,2,2.5,3,4,5)
    • Advantage: Most conserving flows available
  • Continuous Flows
    • 3 (2,3,4)
    • Advantage: Most continuous flows available
  • Internal Components
    • Brass Piston Assembly
    • Advantage: Brass is safer than aluminum
  • Theory of Operation
    • Single Lumen Pulse
    • Advantage: Pulse design makes less noise and is less irritating to patient

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