D Oxygen Cylinder Tanks
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D Oxygen Cylinder Tanks

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D Oxygen Cylinder Tanks

The D Oxygen Cylinder tanks are 415 Liter and are available in Straight post or toggle

Luxfer Medical gas delivery systems are the ideal choice for home oxygen therapy, emergency services, pre-hospital care and hospital environments. Luxfer Medical cylinders are the lightweight alternative to traditional steel equivalents, combining optimum weight savings with extended gas delivery and exceptional strength. Luxfer Medical aluminum cylinders are up to 50% lighter in weight than conventional steel cylinders

These revolutionary cylinders are already in global widespread use in respiratory therapy, resuscitation and hospital theaters where users demand maximum efficiency without the risk of physical strain or injury. Most of all, Luxfer cylinders have an unmatched record for safety. Whether at home or on the move, major advantages include easy portability together with increased gas storage and exceptional strength.

D Oxygen Cylinder Tanks - Highlights:

  • High-performance, light weight specifications
  • Increased gas delivery
  • Highly portable and easy to maneuver
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Increasing life expectancy, advances in therapies and medical technology, and pressure on hospital budgets are creating a growing worldwide demand for healthcare services delivered in the home. At the same time, air pollution, obesity and smoking are known to be causing a significant increase in the number of patients with respiratory diseases - some of which can be treated at home.

The recognition of patients' true mobility needs is fueling the development of lightweight compact delivery systems, moving the market away from the more traditional heavy steel cylinders to the various lightweight alternatives. The extent to which this development is taking place varies from one country to another - largely determined by the reimbursement structure of each individual health care system.

For many patients the ability to stay at home is a great benefit. Technological advancements in the provision of lightweight cylinders into this market is serving to increase the levels of independence, comfort, convenience and most importantly mobility for many patients.

Individuals who have a dependency on oxygen are no longer confined to their homes. With the aid of revolutionary portable oxygen systems they can now enjoy a stroll in the park, visit with friends and family, go to the supermarket or in some cases even return to work. Luxfer Medical lightweight cylinder systems offer the patient levels of autonomy previously unknown - particularly when combined with a conserving device that can increase the duration of a cylinder up to 5 times. When a conserving device is used in conjunction with an oxygen cylinder, it releases a flow of oxygen only when the patient inhales. This intermittent oxygen flow extends the time an oxygen cylinder will last.

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