Devilbiss PD1000 Compact Conserving Device
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Devilbiss PD1000 Compact Conserving Device

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Devilbiss PD1000 Compact Conserving Device

For more than 15 years, DeVilbiss PulseDose oxygen conserving technology has been on the leading edge of ambulatory oxygen therapy. Unlike other systems that simply limit the flow of oxygen, PulseDose delivers a consistent dose of oxygen at the very moment it is most beneficial – on the leading edge of inspiration. PulseDose actually delivers oxygen more efficiently than continuous flow with consistent high flow delivery right when the patient needs it most.

For active patients, adjustment of the setting is not needed, simplifying operation and minimizing the chance of desaturation. Since oxygen waste is minimized, patients will be able to extend cylinder life dramatically, supporting the benefits of a more active lifestyle. Patients often report an improved sense of taste and smell, and decreased drying of the nasal passages with PulseDose systems. As comfort and confidence increase, patients are more likely to wear their oxygen constantly, resulting in better compliance with their prescribed therapy.

Featuring PulseDose® technology, the PD1000 is a smaller, more compact and attractive unit. With an extremely lightweight design and true 3:1 savings, the PD1000 delivers high efficiency and improved clinical benefits. It features quiet operation and has been found to be less irritating to patients. Impact-resistant materials are used in the conserver's outer covering making it not only durable but attractive as well.

Devilbiss PD1000 Compact Conserving Device - Highlights:

  • Clinical superiority of PulseDose® Technology
  • True 3:1 savings
  • 3-year warranty
  • Single lumen cannula
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Impact-resistant GE Lexan® case
  • Easy-to-use single control
  • Field serviceable & protected cannula fitting

Devilbiss PD1000 Compact Conserving Device - Technical Specifications:

  1. Product Weight ::
    16.3 oz. (with batteries)

  2. Product Size ::
    3.4 in(W) x 4.75 in(L) x 2.8 in(H)

  3. Power Supply ::
    (2) Standard "AA" alkaline or NiMH batteries

  4. Modes of Operation ::
    Continuous / Pulsed

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