Posey Sitter II Fall Alarm Patient Monitor
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Posey Sitter II Fall Alarm Patient Monitor

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Posey Sitter II Fall Alarm Patient Monitor

The best of patient fall monitors just got better! Now available with an optional Wireless Nurse Call System, the Posey Sitter II offers caregivers even more monitoring flexibility with one simple-to-use, non-invasive unit. Designed for use with any of Posey's bed or chair sensor options, the Sitter II allows caregivers to select the appropriate sensor for each application. Ten alarm tones and a recordable voice option help calm the patient and differentiate between other facility alarms. An adjustable delay accommodates restless sleepers and helps reduce false alarms. The "HOLD" feature allows the patient to be removed from the sensor for up to six hours without re-programming. Indicator lights are visible from all angles and allow at-a-glance verification of alarm status, day or night. The standard nurse call interface provides dual staff notification, and allows the in-room alarm to be silenced to allow a roomate's undisturbed sleep. Control unit, 4 "C" batteries, nurse call cable, standard bed bracket

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