Bubble Humidifier For Oxygen Concentrators
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Bubble Humidifier For Oxygen Concentrators

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Bubble Humidifier For Oxygen Concentrators

All new 360° rectangular diffuser ports provide quiet operation with low system back pressure and 3 PSI pressure pop-off, alarm. New dome lid design incorporates refinements, resulting in high performance. Ideal for use with all oxygen sources: concentrator, liquid, tank, wall outlet

With 3 PSI internal, audible, safety pop-off alarm. Rigid and durable wing nut and lid. Unique, hand-dipped , soft plastic diffuser. Inlet nipple, stem and diffuser bonded into a single unit. Soft, translucent, double helix thread jar. Latex-free. 8" connector tubing not included. 350 cc Bubble Humidifier - Dry.

Bubble Humidifier For Oxygen Concentrators - Highlights:

NEW 360o molded, low resistance, high output diffuser head design NEW connecting tower design NEW large, quad wing nut connector NEW, audible pop-off alarm 3PSI or 6PSI Jar permanently etched, large print minimum/maximum water level markings Easy seal, translucent, double helix thread jar Quiet, efficient hydration with less rain out. Resists clogging due to mineral build up from water. Greater resistance to damage from incidental impact Easy to grip, reduces chance of “cross-threading” Reduces the likelihood of concentrator damage. Audible warning of downstream occlusion. Easy to read, durable will not rub, wear or wash off Simple, sure, half turn on/off with positive seal. No gasket is required Variety of uses... Homecare, Transport, Hospital, Extended Care Facilities, Hospice Sold in boxes of 5 units

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