Inogen One Portable Oxygen System
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Inogen One Portable Oxygen System

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Inogen One G2 System

Inogen discarded existing paradigms to design and build an oxygen concentrator that redefines how oxygen therapy is delivered. Described by industry experts as "a technological breakthrough", the Inogen One is a complete departure from current mainstream technologies - both the standard large, bulky, stationary concentrator systems and the inefficient and impractical portable devices. Working with experts in PSA and conserver technology, Inogen's engineers developed, tested and delivered a technology that eliminates the need to choose between a stationary or portable oxygen system.

What's Included

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Each battery provides up to 4 hours of operation away from an AC or DC power source.
Universal Power Supply
Powers the Inogen One concentrator from both AC and DC power sources in one convenient power supply. When connected to AC or DC power, the battery will charge whether or not the Inogen One is in use.
Inogen One G2 Cart and Carry Bag
Lightweight cart on wheels with telescoping handle. Custom bag with adjustable shoulder strap for carrying the Inogen One and accessories
Inogen One G2 Nasal Cannula
Salter Labs 1600Q 7 ft cannula. This quiet cannula is the perfect match to the quiet Inogen One.

Inogen One G2 System - Technical Specifications:

  1. Weight:
    7 pounds (includes single battery)

  2. Size:
    Length: 10.7"
    Width: 3.9"
    Height: 9.5"

  3. Oxygen Flow:
    Intelligent Delivery Technology
    Five flow settings from 1-5

  4. Power Sensing:
    AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    (auto sensing to allow worldwide use)
    DC Power: for mobile use in car/airplane

  5. Battery:
    Duration (single battery): up to 4 hours
    Recharge approximately 4 hours with AC or DC power
    Duration (double battery): up to 8 hours
    Recharge approximately 8 hours with AC or DC power

  6. Noise Level:
    38 Decibels*

  7. Warranty:
    1 year, 3 year, or lifetime limited warranty**

  8. Operation:
    Simple control functions and easy-to-read LCD display

  9. Use:
    Designed for stationary, portable, and travel

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