How to Choose a Rollator or Walker

Walkers and Rollators are vital aids for people [ see current models and prices ] of all ages who need mobility assistance in health care facilities or any other activity that might be too much of a challenge otherwise. Today an aging population reliant more on themselves than other family members, using mobility aids can extend independence and our ability to move around indoors and outside. Both medical walkers and rollators provide support for people to avoid fatigue or need help supporting body weight. Traditional walkers need to be lifted while more advanced rollators come with safety features and wheels allowing you to roll freely indoors and outside. Walkers and Rollators come in both 2, 3 and 4-wheel models from companies like Invacare, Guardian, Carex and typically fold making them easily transportable in your car.

All of our walkers and rollators come from the most trusted brands in the healthcare industry. We only offer models that maintain the highest standards of quality, strength, durability and proper ergonomic support (FREE Shipping). Our volume means we can offer our products at the lowest price found anywhere passing on savings you just can't find anywhere else. We ship the same day you order ensuring you get your home medical supplies quickly and easily.

Free Shipping on most of our products from Specialy-Medical

Free Shipping on most of our Home Medical Equipment from Specialty-Medical
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Walkers and Walker Accessories:

Most walkers have the same basic design for their intended purpose consisting of four legs and a lightweight frame that wraps around a person. Walkers allow a person to place more weight on their arms supporting users with balance or mobility problems. Most medical walkers can be adjusted to accommodate people of different heights and weights. The height must be set so that the elbow is bent and a person is able to pick the whole unit up and safely take additional steps. Walkers without wheels can be easier on rough ground offering contoured had grips making most walkers comfortable to grip and use. If you do any traveling or need a walker for day to day use consider a walker that folds.

Sizing a Walker and Use: generally with your arms hands in a relaxed position at your sides the top of a walker should align with the crease in your wrists. Holding a walker will allow you to place more weight on your arms rather than your legs and assist with balance. In use you should move the walker a step ahead of you and move forward stepping into the walker with your weakest leg. Walkers are not intended for stairs or escalators.

Our on line catalog has a great selection of medical walkers and walker accessories for you to consider, improving your quality of life and mobility. We also offer special Bariatric models that will provide sturdy, dependable support for a larger person while providing the compact, lightweight engineering found on our other quality walker models. Bariatric models are often wider and maintain increased weight capacities. Many of these units fold making them easy to travel with convenience. Walker accessories like baskets, wheels, flip trays and brakes add to convenience and make your walker more versatile.

Rollators and Rolling Walkers

There are many advantages to Rollators or 3 & 4 wheeled walker models that offer additional features making them more versatile for home and home medical use; or people finding it difficult and painful to lift a non-wheeled frames. People who have problems lifting a non-wheeled frame save considerable energy and prevent arm and back muscles from being overworked with rolling walkers. The front wheels swivel allowing you to easily turn without having to lift the walker or adjust its direction. Most Rollators offer adjustable seat height and handles allowing you to comfortably fit your rollator to your individual needs.

Three-wheel walkers provide improved maneuverability for the person who does not require the added stability, or seat to rest on, typical of a four-wheel walker or rollator. Four wheel walkers and rollators offer more stability and often have the added feature of a seat and locking handbrakes for securing your rollator while resting. Most of these rolling walkers also offer a padded backrest and wire baskets making them convenient and comfortable when out of your house or residence. Spring loaded brakes are a significant safety feature allowing users to control their rollator on steep and uneven surfaces, while maintaining control over body position and mobility.

You will find Rollators with larger wheels easier to push over uneven terrain with pneumatic wheels offering a softer ride than solid tires. Inflatable wheels can offer a softer ride absorbing some of the hardness of surfaces that might bother a user with painful arms, hands or joint issues. Solid tires offer the advantage of never having to be inflated or losing air.

Rollator Advantages: include faster mobility and easier maneuverability with the ablity to take rest stops sitting on the seat built into each rollator. Brakes offer added security ensuring the user is always in control.

All of our medical folding medical walkers are for use by the disabled, handicapped, elderly, or any mobility impaired person; suited to hospitals, nursing enviroments, assisted living facilities, or in the home.

Here at Specialty Medical we offer the largest selection of walker and rollators anywhere in the United States. You can rely on us to provide you with the best products in the market delivered most often for FREE. We also have dozens of other product lines with hundreds of products from which to choose. Whatever your medical needs are, whether you are a patient or a doctor, there is a good chance that we have the equipment and supplies that can fulfill those needs. If you are a hospital or care institution we offer bulk products at prices you will not find anywhere else.

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